Company Profile


Arki for Advanced Construction Chemicals Co. Ltd. is a member of FAST Group which is in the market of building materials and construction chemicals for the past 25 years.

Arki manufacturers advanced materials and chemicals for the construction market following a clear guidance of related specifications and industry standards.

Arki provides to the construction market a comprehensive product range which includes concrete admixtures, mortar, surface treatment agents and primers, cementitious resinous grouts, concrete repair materials, flooring system, protective coating and waterproofing, adhesives and sealants.


– To supply customer not only a product but also an integrated technical solution.

– To adhere strictly to the technical specifications and provide reliable timely delivery of products.

– To provide high performance technical support and advice to the customer.

– To attend customer’s complaint in a prompt and effective manner.


The work force in Arki contributes to the international atmosphere present in Saudi Arabia, representing more than 11 nationalities. The employees of Arki include highly qualified and specialised industry experts with the necessary experience to take the company well into the foreseeable future and beyond.


With Arki’s Head Office and production facility in the Central Province, along with distribution centres throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arki is able to provide a comprehensive service to all customers. This service includes technical advice, recommendations, practical demonstrations, product-use training and a full product delivery service.

Technical Service

Customer support is a major business fundamental for Arki. Customer’s requirements are determined and met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. That is reinforced by Arki’s understanding of the local technical conditions, which gives confidence on site with contractors and applicators.

Product Selection

Close liaison between Arki’s customer and Arki‘s support staff, ensure appropriate cost effective material selection for specific applications described either in finishing schedules or technical specifications.

Health, Safety and Environment

Arki‘s technical experts strictly monitor and inspect the manufacturing process and the finished product stages in conformity with the highest level of safety and protection of the environment.